If you’d love your Family and Children’s Portraits created in harmony with your exquisite décor, you’re in the perfect place…


...and about to positively transform your home! When you personalize a space with family portraits that coordinate with your room, you bring cohesiveness into your décor with a powerful item: Love. By incorporating this emotional element –the secret ingredient to achieving impact- you create a Wow factor in your home design. Let us explain…



Conversation Pieces are an essential item for any social room. They serve as icebreakers and provide the perfect overture for any gathering. The most successful ones are said to be beautiful personal objects and art. Joining our artistic ability with your family will create a piece sure to set off conversations like fireworks on the 4th of July!

“Every person that visits my home comments on the gorgeous portrait of my son. We love to entertain, and it’s a tremendous conversational piece. I’m always getting lots of compliments!”

— Denisse - Wellington, Florida
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Fine Art Portraits are natural focal points. We carefully select your Family’s Portrait placement and design elements–theme, style, color scheme, finish, size and frame- to attain visual impact and perfect integration with your décor.

“This is our most precious piece of art; it always makes me smile. I love the fact that it fits perfectly with my home’s style.”
— Jocelyne - West Palm Beach, FL

make a statement

Home Design is an expression of a family's personality and values. Your displays tell the visitor what you value in life and what’s important to you.

V V Portraits of your loved ones will be the soul of your home design, announcing to the world what you hold dear to your heart.

“I love how my grandson’s portrait changed my living room. It brought in life and exceptional warmth, in perfect harmony with the room’s design. I’m also delighted with the many photography awards it won. I can’t thank Veronica and Virginia enough!”
— Vivianne - Deerfield Beach, Florida

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